You are required to use a different password for eduroam from the one associated to your Jönköping University user account. A separate eduroam account is required because of security reasons and requirements from international academic identity provisioning.

Creating your account

The eduroam account and password is created on Self Service User Account External link, opens in new window.. You can also change the password and find the eduroam password rules, which differ from the JU user account password rules.

Guide for creating and changing your eduroam password Pdf, 131.8 kB, opens in new window.

You have to enter the newly created password for eduroam by yourself on your devices. Your eduroam user ID is
More info in FAQ

Confirm e-mail address/mobile phone number

Make sure to confirm your private e-mail as well as your mobile phone number for resetting your password on Self Service. Your private e-mail address or your mobile phone number must have been confirmed in order to be able to change a forgotten or expired password by yourself.