For security reasons, MFA (multifactor authentication) will be activated for the VDI environment for all users on Wednesday 29 June.

Our VDI environment is an environment exposed to external attacks. To increase security, we will immediately, Wednesday 29 June, activate MFA for all logins to the service. This applies to both staff and students. MFA means that in addition to your password, you need to authenticate yourself in another way. This can be via an app in the phone, via a code sent as an SMS or via an automatically dialed call.

The first time you try to log in to the VDI environment after we enable MFA, you will enter the flow that helps you configure MFA if it has not been done before. If you need help, we have detailed guides. The guides focus on using the Autenticator app.

If you encounter any problems, please contact the IT Helpdesk

Guide for configuration of MFA External link, opens in new window.