FAQ New JU IT platform

What does “migration” mean?

It means a transition from Novell to Microsoft products and services. 

Why are we migrating?

It is being done to assure the IT infrastructure at JU for the future.  The technical infrastructure represents the basic foundation of IT activities at Jönköping University. The new technical infrastructure will be based on commonly used standards, established solutions and products of high quality. A standardised, stable and well-functioning infrastructure with a high performance will make it possible to secure an efficient and flexible usage of the system and services within the IT area.  JU’s current IT platform is based on products from Novell. Some of Novell’s products are at a high level, but seen across the total IT platform, the development of Novell’s products is very limited. The range of training and consultant support for Novell’s products is diminishing and becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Common academic and educational investments provide a higher degree of focus on complete solutions for a Microsoft environment. 

When are we doing the migration?

In stages from January 2016 to Q1-Q2 2018.

What does the migration mean for JU staff?

June 13, 2016
Skype for Business with the calendar function
Office 365 ProPlus, with Outlook as a replacement for GroupWise
OneDrive for Business

Q1 2017
New home directory

Q2 2017
New common storage area 

Q3-Q4 2017
Windows 10 in the Software package for 2017 on all JU pc

What does the migration mean for JU students?

June 13,  2016
Skype for Business
Office 365, with Outlook as replacement for GroupWise and including access to Office from own PCs.
OneDrive for Business

November 2016
New home directory   

Q2-Q3 2016
Windows 10 on PCs in computer rooms 

Will I receive any training in the new software?

Yes, there are many opportunities for various types of training, for example workshops, self study, guides and manuals. 

Do I have to take any action on my JU-pc?

In order for your PC to work in the new environment it must have the current version (2015) of the JU Program package. During 2017, we will begin implementing Windows 10. In order to use it, your computer will have to be reinstalled. More information regarding this will be published shortly.

Do I have to do anything as a JU-student?

Not at the moment.

Who do I contact with any queries?

IT Helpdesk

(This FAQ is updated on an ongoing basis.) 

Content updated 2017-03-13

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