During the Christmas holidays, lab computers will be reinstalled with a new software package.

The software package contains the latest version of Windows 10 as well as an upgraded version of eg Office and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Other company-specific add-on softwares will disappear during the reinstallation and will need to be installed manually by teachers or students from the Software Center.

To avoid long installation times at the start of the course, you as a teacher can order installation of these softwares in one or more computer labs. IT Services then makes sure to pre-install the softwares so that they are ready to be used at the first lesson.

To place an order for softwares that must be pre-installed, create a case on http://helpdesk.ju.se no later than 5 working days before the course starts.

In the case, specify:

  1. Which software it applies to.
  2. Which computer labs the software should be installed in.

If the order is for a new acquisition of software, use the following form: