Operations - System C

Purpose: to provide access to the University's other identified operational systems

which means server and system operation in the form of

  • ensuring there is a designated contact person/system specialist with operational responsibility for the system
  • operational personnel for the system
  • limited operations documentation for the system
  • limited monitoring of the system's services
  • accessibility and normal priority troubleshooting
  • advanced and professional system operations in co-operation with the contact person/systems specialist in respect of a customised operating environment with servers, databases, storage, monitoring and backup, dimensioning the infrastructure, capacity and performance, backup and restoration, as well as monitoring
  • the University's system is classified via the IT Board and the current subdivision is published on the intranet. When the service directory was taken into use on 1 July 2015, the University's C-systems were: AF -basen, DEX, HLK Valwebb, Kursplanedatabas JTH/JIBS, Projektwebb, Studievägledningssystem HHJ, Studievägledningssystem HLK, Tidomat/Flex and Webb på G:

with a repair time not exceeding - five days in event of serious disruption - ten days in event of reduced performance or stability compared to normal

Content updated 2018-08-15

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