Centre for Information Technology and Information Systems

The Centre for Information Technology and Information Systems is a multidisciplinary organization operated by the department of Informatics at JIBS. The centre works with several of the strategic areas that simulate entrepreneurship and innovation.




Vivian Vimarlund

The central focus of the centre's activity is to study and evaluate the effects of the use and implementation of advanced information systems – appropriate to the storage, communication, structure, and use of information in digital form. Examples of this technology include electronic commerce, computer-based patient records, electronic education, and computer-based collaborative work.

In a departure from the tradition of many academic organizations, the work of CenITIS is vertically integrated, with a significant amount of effort devoted to

1. Research on the principles underlying information technology and information systems,
2. Evaluation of practical technology- based applications, and
3. Study of the information logistic processes.


In order to ensure a steady flow of innovative ideas into the centre's development efforts, the centre conducts basic research on the following topics:

  • Socioeconomic evaluation of the use and implementation of IT/IS
  • Integration Technology in enterprises and organizations
  • Information logistic for private and public organizations
  • Human-Computer Interaction in electronic markets
  • Development of Information based services both for industries and public organizations


In order to illustrate and assess the value of this work, the centre is currently running the following projects:

  • SLL: Development of a model to evaluate e-services
  • HELP: EU Project that aims to design and evaluate the socio-economic effects of a EU-information portal for healthcare organizations
  • FOOD: EU-project that aims to capture the requirements that e-services have to fulfil to increase cost-effectiveness of public services
  • Bridging the Gap: How IT-based application can contribute to improve the information logistic communication processes at an inter-organizational level
  • Iniera: The project runs in collaboration with companies and aims to identify pre-conditions and requisites that organizations and IT-based applications have to fulfil to develop cost-effective personalized services


The centre’s activities include the following:

  • Engages in collaborative research and provides collaborative support to researchers and stakeholder in the area of Informatics
  • Provides efficient, cost-effective information systems and networking services;
  • Identifies new technologies with innovative applications to Informatics research

The centre strives after to become a platform for research and development in all areas of Informatics and affiliate organizations from industry, government and academia and has today collaboration with both the private and the public sector.

The centre is a non-profit organization composed of individuals dedicated to perform research and education and combines its unique competence in the area of information systems in research programs related to business informatics, health informatics and business informatics.

The leadership of the centre consists of the following persons:
Director: Vivian Vimarlund
Deputy director: Klas Gäre

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