Center for Finance and Governance

The Center for Finance and Governance (CFG) is an interdisciplinary center for financial studies and corporate governance.



Johan Eklund

The objective of the center is to carry out systematic, peer-reviewed academic research on financial systems and corporate governance with a clear focus on the role of institutions for individual behavior and learning. The Center aims at transforming the evidence-based findings to decision support for public policy making, teaching activities and practice regarding financial markets and firm investment behavior for the Swedish society.

CFG rests on three equally important and interrelated research pillars:

  • Corporate Governance and Investment Behavior
  • Macrofinance and Institutions
  • Law & Finance (Corporate Law & Economics)

The main focus of the research is to generate a better understanding of how financial systems are influenced by the institutional environment at various levels, given behavioral characteristics of markets. The center is one of few similar research centers in Europe. Moreover, CFG has a unique profile given its strong focus on interdisciplinary research and institutional analysis and understanding.

The Center´s main research themes are: the interplay between institutions, finance, and economic development. Institutions at various levels constitute the rules of the game and determine, through incentives, how financial systems work, and how and what type of financial transactions are made. This, in turn, is crucial for the economic development not only at the household/individual level, but also at the firm and industry level as well as for macroeconomic outcomes.

Johan E. Eklund is the director of the center.

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