One Inauguration and five Conferments

During festivities at Jönköping University the 29th of September 2012, one CHILD-member will be Inaugurated Full Professor and five CHILD-members will be Confermented PhDs.

Karin Enskär was appointed full professor in Nursing Science at School of Health Sciences at Jönköping University in August 2011.  

Margareta Adolfsson, PhD in Disability Research, successfully defended her doctoral thesis 'Applying the ICF/CY to identify everyday life situations of children and youth with disabilities', in October 2011.   

Marie Golsäter, PhD in Nursing Science, successfully defended her doctoral thesis ´Hälsokurvan som pedagogiskt redskap vid hälsosamtal inom barn- och skolhälsovård´ in March 2012.

Gregor Maxwell, PhD in Disability Research, successfully defended his doctoral thesis ‘Bringing more to participation — participation in school activities of persons with disability within the framework of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children and Youth (ICF-CY)´ in June 2012.

Stefan Nilsson, PhD in Nursing Science, successfylly defended his doctoral thesis  ´KomHIT - att underlätta sjukhusbesök för barn med kommunikationssvårigheter´ in 2010.

Ylva Ståhl, PhD in Nursing Science, successfully defended her thesis ´Barnhälsodataprojektet — Vilken hälsoinformation om varje barn ska elektroniskt registreras?´ in April 2012.

CHILD also congratulates...

Noomi Carlsson, PhD in Medical Science, who works for the County of Jönköping within the Health Care Area. She has been a PhD-student enrolled at Linköping University, but she has also been a member of the research group CHILD at Jönköping University. The 29th of August Noomi Carlsson successfully defended her doctoral thesis 'A Zero-vision for Children's Tobacco Smoke Exposure, Tobacco prevention in Child Health Care' at Qulturum in Jönköping.

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