Jönköping AI Lab (JAIL)

JAIL conducts applied research in collaboration with industrial and societal partners from a multitude of areas. Established in 2018, JAIL strives to develop high quality research, in artificial intelligence and related areas, with relevance to the academic community and the surrounding society.

The research area in short

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the core of computer science. AI has slowly matured as a research area during the twentieth century. The last two decades witness of landmark developments, where AI has been successfully applied to address significant real-world challenges in a variety of areas. Arguably, machine learning, a sub area of AI, is one of the key enablers for developing successful AI applications. Machine learning technologies are used to develop data-intensive AI applications that learn to improve their performance with experience. Data-intensive AI solutions are used today in an ever-increasing number of application areas, including: drug discovery, health science, marketing, high-frequency trading, computer games, sales forecasting, smart buildings, and gambling.

The research area in detail

The exponential growth of the digital universe, particularly in the form of storage and computing power in recent decades, enables companies to accumulate huge amounts of data at moderate cost. Accompanying this technological shift is a widespread realization that collected data contain potentially valuable information. Exploiting this stored data, in order to extract useful and actionable information, is the overall goal of the generic activity termed data mining and knowledge discovery. The applied AI research at Jönköping University focuses on developing machine learning algorithms and semantic technologies for real-world data-intensive applications.

Content updated 2020-11-06