JAIL is actively engaging with governmental agencies and leading companies in a variety of domains. These partnerships benefit from shared goals, and often result in innovative solutions and technological advances. Find out what you can do if you seek a closer connection to students in AI or to the researchers of JAIL.

Researchers in JAIL have a long history of collaboration with governmental agencies and leading companies in technology and other domains. We have experience in working with external partners of different levels of digitalization and AI maturity. There are a number of ways in which an external partner can improve their knowledge or get involved in the co-production of research and innovation. Some ways incur little risk for the external partner but can result in at least incremental advances or results. Other ways incur a higher risk but could lead to significant advances and a business edge. Based on the technological maturity and the expressed goals of the partner, we try to find the most suitable form of collaboration. Contact us for open discussions.

Talks and presentations

JAIL researchers regularly give popular scientific talks and more in-depth technical presentations to companies, organizations, and governmental agencies. Contact us to discuss possibilities or to let us know that you want to get invited when we host public talks at the University.

Thesis work

A majority of the Bachelor and Master thesis projects at the Department of Computer Science and Informatics are conducted in collaboration with an external partner from the public or private sector. A thesis project is a great way for a company or an organization to explore new, interesting topics with minimum effort and resources (from the organization's point of view). Contact us if you have an idea for a thesis project. Check out previous thesis projects at the University thesis and research repository Divaexternal link, opens in new window.

Research projects

Most of the research pursued at Jönköping University is conducted in the form of focused research projects, which are funded by external funding agencies. Often, the research projects are also co-funded in kind by partners from the private sector. Applied research conducted in this way represents a win-win situation: we get relevant real-world cases to address, and the external partner gets access to specialists in strategically important areas who can spend time and effort on the challenges at hand.

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