CCD@JU focuses on areas within the broad research fields of communication, culture, and diversity as it relates to the research network CCD. Furthermore, CCD@JU contributes with additional research areas related to these broad research fields.

The main focus within these areas are on processes within and outside institutionalised educational contexts which means processes that take place in socialization, teaching, and learning and where language, literature, literacy, digitalization, and inclusion are emphasised.

Focus areas

Research within CCD@JU focuses on three specific focus areas:

  • The first focus area is to create and maintain a complete academic research environment, which encompasses researchers, Ph.D.-students and teaching staff. Please, see here for a complete list of the participants.
  • The second focus area is substantially relevant for education programmes at SEC
    • in general through the domains, democracy and equity, learning and communication theory, inclusive education, special needs education, etc.
    • in specific subject areas within the humanities (languages and literatures) and the social sciences at SEC. The research work conducted within CCD@JU thus has the explicit potential to support all teacher education programmes where special needs education is concerned, and has a particular focus on the following areas: teacher training programme for preschool, leisure-time centre, teachers F-3, teachers 4-6, and subject teachers in the two subjects Swedish and English, where language-related research is concerned.
  • The third focus area relates to its strong relevance for other sectors in society at large, for example, connections with schools, the local council, and the local business community.

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