Preschool Education Research

The Preschool Education Research group is part of the Practice-Based Educational Research environment. The work conducted in the group focuses on play, exploration, learning and meaning making in preschool, based on a holistic perspective where questions of fundamental values underlie the substantive issues.

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Robert Lecusay

The focus of the Preschool Education Research group is how activities in preschool are planned, organised, implemented and evaluated in ways that provide care to the children and contribute to and encourage their play, exploration and learning from a holistic perspective, where values-based enquiry and aesthetic forms of expression pervade the activities.

Specific issues surrounding preschool activities that are of interest to the group include the following:

  • Interpretations and consequences of the curriculum and school law, for example, the concept of education
  • Different didactic approaches based on different views of knowledge
  • Assessment, documentation and evaluation issues
  • Subjects and subject didactics
  • Interculturalism and diversity
  • Leadership and organization

The Preschool Education Research group endeavours to conduct high-quality preschool education research with preschool teachers, in different collaborative arrangements and forms, with the goal of creating knowledge that is useful to preschool stakeholders. Our ambitions are high: to be a voice in the discussion of preschool education research, both in Sweden and internationally.

Research Areas

Within the research platform are five research areas, with different themes and research projects:


Among the functions of the university and its schools is to interact with the surrounding community. This happens in various ways within the Preschool Education Research platform, including through preschool education research dialogues, contract teaching, development work and lectures. Read more about this work (in Swedish). 

International collaboration

The platform has developed international partnerships linked both to research and preschool teacher education. Read more about these collaborations (in Swedish).

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