Industrial Product Development, Production and Design

Research in Product and Production Development deals with technology and methodology for development and manufacture of industrial products.


Fredrik Elgh

Product design and development (PDD)

Peter Hansbo

Simulating and optimization

Lars Eriksson

Industrial design

By investing in renewal of their product range companies create potential for success in the future market place. Estimate show that as much as 60-80% of product cost and quality, i e its market competitiveness, is determined at the development phase.

Machine Design

Within this research area we focus on the subject Machine Design. The subject comprises methods and techniques for design and specification of products and components. In our research the application of modern computer technology is emphasized. The topic includes synthesis and well as analysis work intended to create, adapt, evaluate and optimize solutions for design and manufacturing processes regarding e g function, properties, manufacturability and cost.

Within the product development research field two focus areas are active, Product design and development (PDD) and Simulation and Optimization.

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