Product design and development (PDD)

This focus area deals with methods to plan, develop and implement  multi-disciplinary computer systems for efficient design of cutomized products while ensuring low cost manufacturing.

With modern computer based techniques it is possible to structure and store product and process specific knowledge for reuse with a degree of automation during development of new variants. Functionality to store design rules in computer systems and draw conclusions from them is fundamental for design systems intended for synthesis work.

The majority of the programming methods use emanate from the field of artificial intelligence and these are applied in the domain of engineering design. This includes inference based solvers and constraint programming as well as analysis of problem structure using graph theory.

Within this technical domain we search for generic models for planning of smart design systems adapted to different types of design problems; how to balance cost and benefit in different applications; and how to ensure length of operational life, transparency and quality of such systems.

Content updated 2018-10-17

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