What are the admission requirements for master's programmes?

All students, both international and Swedish, must fulfill the general and specific admission requirements for the programme they are applying to.

Required documents:

  • Bachelor Diploma (certified copy): You must have successfully completed a bachelor degree at a recognized university.

Note: If you have not yet received the diploma, but are in your final semester you may submit a letter from your university, indicating that it is expected you will graduate in the Spring/Summer, before the start of the Jönköping University programme. The document must be issued through and certified by a representative of the Academic Registrar's Office, the Examinations Office or equivalent. Certification from other staff members, such as faculty or staff members, will not be accepted.

  • Transcripts (certified copy or sent directly from your university depending on which country your degree is from)*

* If your degree was awarded in Cameroon, Canada, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, or USA, an official transcript of record must be sent directly from your university to the central Admissions Office, in a sealed envelope. If your degree was awarded in Pakistan, your degrees/transcripts and diplomas awarded must be attested by the Higher Education Commission in Pakistan. Transcripts from other countries may be received as certified copies.

  • Copy of your Passport (EU/EEA/Swiss citizens may submit a certified copy of a valid identity card which clearly states citizenship in place of a passport copy).

f your documents are in a language other than Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English, French or German, you must also provide an official translation. This translation should be in one of the following languages: Swedish, English, French or German. All copies of original documents must be clearly authorised as true copies of the original by the issuing institution or a notary public. Jönköping University may check the authenticity of documents with the issuing school.

All documents must contain your personal data which are essential for matching the documents with your application. You will receive your personal data when you have submitted your application online.

English proficiency- See: Language Requirements

  • In addition, each programme has specific prerequisites. Please check the specific requirements for each programme (listed in the "Facts" section on each programme page) before filling in your application form.
  • Letter of Motivation- Motivation letter should be no longer than 1000 words. Work experience that relates to programme considered an asset.

Please note that National Diplomas and Higher National Diplomas from Polytechnic schools are not accepted for master studies in Sweden.

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