JU World Solar Challenge: Project Management, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing - Part 2 (3), 15 credits
JU World Solar Challenge: Projektstyrning, entreprenörskap och marknadsföring - Del 2 (3), 15 högskolepoäng
Course Syllabus for students Spring 2021
Course Code:T2WN17
Confirmed by:Dean Feb 1, 2017
Valid From:Jan 1, 2017
Reg number:JTH 2017/1147-313
Education Cycle:First-cycle level
Disciplinary domain:Social sciences
Subject group:FE1
Specialised in:G2F
Main field of study:Industrial Engineering and Management

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

After a successful course, the student shall

Knowledge and understanding

- display knowledge of the importance of entrepreneurship at the individual, organizational and societal level, as well as how an entrepreneurial mindset can be fostered and applied in various contexts
- demonstrate comprehension of integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategies for building the JU Solar Team (JUST) brand, image and reputation
- show familiarity with projects as a working method involving management and coordination processes (e.g. project communication and logistics)

Skills and abilities

- demonstrate important entrepreneurial skills such as sense of responsibility, entrepreneurial drive, problem-solving and communication skills, creativity, self-initiative and teamwork
- demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively and professionally internally (across JUST’s disciplines and functions) and with JUST’s external stakeholders
- demonstrate the ability to plan and execute JUST IMC campaigns using market research, media planning and creative resources in a cost-effective way
- demonstrate skills of integrating advertising, guerrilla marketing, sponsorship, PR and events into the marketing mix to connect the JU Solar Team brand with targets in a compelling way

Judgement and approach

- demonstrate an understanding of his/her own entrepreneurial potential, as well as his/her own role and influence in an entrepreneurial project team
- demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate the role of IMC in building the JUST brand equity in the medium and long term
- demonstrate an understanding of the importance of, and challenges associated with, an effective internal communication across the venture’s disciplines and functions, and a professional communication with the venture’s stakeholders


The course provides the student with knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship and marketing by combining theory with entrepreneurial learning and action in the context of a unique real-life cross-disciplinary entrepreneurial venture and project. The project is called “World Solar Challenge” (WSC); it involves developing and constructing a competitive solar-powered electric car as well as planning and participating in the “World Solar Challenge 2017” – a solar car race through Australia. Mastering the project requires the student to run and develop the entrepreneurial venture “JU Solar Team” – the fundamental identity behind the World Solar Challenge – whose core activity consists of planning and executing the project. The student will at the same time be an ambassador for Jönköping University (JU), contributing to JU’s efforts to use JU Solar Team and the World Solar Challenge to further develop its brand both in Sweden and abroad.

The course contains the following elements:

- Entrepreneurship as societal phenomenon in various contexts
- Entrepreneurial processes, thinking and activities
- New venture development
- Internal and external stakeholder management
- Sponsor acquisition and relationship management

Marketing and communication
- marketing mix execution including brand activation
- integrated marketing communication strategies and campaigns
- event planning and management
- CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
- media training

Project management
- Project organization
- Project planning
- Project execution
- Project documentation

Type of instruction

The learning in the JUWSC course occurs (i) through self-study of the course literature and hands-on individual and group project work; and (ii) through seminars, workshops and coaching/supervision held by experienced instructors. The tasks performed by the student contribute to running, developing and marketing JUST as well as planning and executing the WSC. The project work requires continuous deliveries and status reports on the part of the student. Ability to work in a team is essential for mastering the course.

The teaching is conducted in English.


General entry requirements and completed courses 60 credits from engineering programs, media and communication science programs or business/economics programs (or the equivalent).

Examination and grades

The course is graded Fail (U) or Pass (G).

The final grade will be based on successfully completed individual and group assignments, active participation in project work, and participation in mandatory events.

Registration of examination:
Name of the TestValueGrading
Examination15 creditsU/G

Other information

Interviews with selected candidates will be conducted.

Course literature

The literature determines one month before the course starts.

Barry, P. (2012). The Advertising Concept Book; Thames & Hudson, London.
Barringer, B.R. & Ireland, D. (2015). Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures, 5th ed. Prentice Hall International. ISBN: 9781292095370.
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