Design Communication 3, 6 credits
Designkommunikation 3, 6 högskolepoäng
Course Syllabus for students Autumn 2019
Course Code:TD3S29
Confirmed by:Dean Jun 1, 2019
Valid From:Aug 1, 2019
Education Cycle:Advanced level
Disciplinary domain:Technology
Subject group:DE1
Specialised in:A1F
Main field of study:Product Development

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

On completion of the course, the student should

Knowledge and understanding

- have knowledge of controlled milling and various free form methods
- have knowledge of environmental impact in product development
- have knowledge of economic aspects in product
- demonstrate knowledge of textures, materials in product
- show understanding of the brand identity

Skills and abilities

- demonstrate the ability to plan and structure a design project
- demonstrate the ability , without supervision, to solve complex problems from a technical specification or design brief
- demonstrate skills in , individually , produce physical design models with high quality
- demonstrate an ability to independently model, animate and render digital models .
- demonstrate skills in designing products from a brand's perspective
- demonstrate skills in , with supervision , to produce 3D models in a controlled milling machine (CNC)
- demonstrate skills in , with supervision , to develop 3D models of the FFF machines
- demonstrate skill in producing clear sketches and illustrations with their own mannerisms

Judgement and approach

- demonstrate an understanding of the product's role in brand identity
- demonstrate the ability to assess the complexity of the design project from an economic perspective
- demonstrate insight into the design process from a humanistic and development perspective as well as the role of the designer has been in the development process
- demonstrate the ability to create their own expressions and mannerisms


Focus of the course is to visualize your design through sketches, illustrations, rendered images and physical models.

The course includes the following topics :
- Color theory
- Morphology
- Aesthetics
- Design methodology
- Product methodology
- Sketching
- Free form Techniques
- CNC technology
- Rhetoric and Communication

Type of instruction

The course includes the mixture of theoretical and practical elements. Instruction is given as lectures, assignments, projects, and field trips.

The teaching is conducted in English.


Passed courses 180 credits in first cycle, at least 90 credits within the major subject Mechanical Engineering or Civil Engineering (with relevant courses in construction and design), and 15 credits Mathematics. In addition, completed courses Design Communication 1, 9 credits and Design Communication 2, 9 credits and English Language requirements corresponding to English 6 or English B in the Swedish upper secondary school (or the equivalent).

Examination and grades

The course is graded Fail (U) or Pass (G).

Registration of examination:
Name of the TestValueGrading
Assignments3 creditsU/G
Own Project Work3 creditsU/G

Other information

Exemption from entry requirement allowed according to the selection groups of the program, where the course is included.

Materials (pens, paper, etc. see the materials list at the beginning of the course)

Course literature


The literature is preliminary until one month before the course starts.

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