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Welcome! Below you will find the course options for students at ECE Paris, for Spring 2017 and preliminary courses for Autumn 2017.

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Spring 2017, 16 January - 4 June, 2017, in agreement with ECE

Swedish Language, Culture and Society 1 7,5 credits. W 3-11
Mathematic Statistics, 6 credits. W 3-11
Intercultural and International Communications, 7,5 credits. W 4-12

Computer Simulation in Physics and Engineering 6 credits. W 12-22
Programming in Python 6 credits. W 14-21
Web Development with JavaScript and DOM 6 credits. W 17-22

Autumn 2017, 21 August - 22 December, 2017

Swedish Language, Culture and Society, 7,5 credits. W 34-42
Mathematical Statistics, 6 credits. W34-2
Project Management and Methods, 7,5 credits. W 34-42
User Research, 6 credits. W 34-42

Service Level Management, 6 credits. W 43-2
Digital Electronics with VHDL 9 credits
International and Intercultural Communication, 7,5 credits
Introduction to Script Programming, 7,5 credits. W 43-2
Web and Userface Interface Design 9 credits. W 43-2
Research and Inquiry Methodology, 6 credits. W 45-2

Please note: There are re-examination periods beside the regular examinisations if you have not passed a course. For a detailed academic calendar with dates, click here.

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