LIVE Webinar: Adjunct Assistant Professor Tina Wallin Speaks about Applied Economics and Data Analysis 📊 !!

access_time Date: 2021-03-10 place Location: Virtual

Jönköping University is a modern university that thrives in a changing world and combines academic tradition with engagement.

Our Master's programme in Applied Economics and Data Analysis is especially designed to cater to the needs of the data thriving world. It gives you smart theoretical and financial tools, and builds on your previous knowledge in the subject. The courses are designed in a way to provide an opportunity to apply theories and practical tools to real situations at companies and organizations which will also be applied in real world business settings.

Special emphasis has been given to Data Analysis hence courses in programming and machine learning have been designed to give you an opportunity to improve your data processing and technical skills.

To apply the knowledge in the real world, a 10-week compulsory internship is designed which can be done anywhere in the world. The internship is an opportunity for you to expand your understanding of how economic theories and tools can be applied to real problems. where you can already try out your future profession.

Don't miss this opportunity to make an application (admissions are still open) and get a first-rate education, new experiences, and new avenues to grow your career!

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