Problems become possibilities

After finishing his bachelor's degree at JIBS, Carl Strömberg moved to Umeå University in the north of Sweden to study for a master's.

“But the focus of that programme did not suit me at all”, says Carl, who instead moved back to Jönköping to find exactly what he was looking for; a master's degree in economics where he could immerse himself in the area of regional economy. He knew from past experience that he would enjoy his studies.

“Jönköping University has a very stimulating approach, where one sees challenges and opportunities instead of problems.”

To study for a masters' degree was an obvious choice for Carl, who wants to work abroad in the future.

“A master's degree is necessary in order to be competitive.”

There is a difference between studying at this level, Carl thinks. He's gotten a different understanding of what he studies.

“I'm writing my thesis, and I compare what I'm doing now with what I did in my bachelor thesis, the starting position is completely different. I can say: I want to dig into this, through this method. I can apply what I learned in a completely different way now.”

Carl Strömberg
Former Student, International Economics
Jönköping International Business School

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