Cartoon GAN

Simon Arvidsson and Filip Andersson

This project takes on the problem of transferring the style of cartoon images to real-life photographic images by implementing previous work done by CartoonGAN. Simon and Filip has trained a Generative Adversial Network (GAN) on over 60 000 images based on the works of Hayao Miyazaki at Studio Ghibli.

A railroad being transformed into a cartoonish style of graphics
Multiple images being transformed form a regular photo to a cartoonish style

gan results

More information about the network architecture and the experiments can be found at their publication. External link, opens in new window. 


The source code and the trained models can be found at the Github Repository. External link, opens in new window.

Simon and Filip have created a cartoon view of the Jönköping city using their trained model which looks like below.

You can contact to Simon and Filip at;

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