Home assignment

Applicants to the Master of Science programme in Industrial Design must also send us a home assignment, consisting of a portfolio and a motivation letter.


In order to apply for admission to the programme Product Development with a specialization in Industrial Design, you need to have prior knowledge of the topic Industrial Design. In addition, sufficient interest in Industrial Design is required to be able to integrate your theoretical studies in a satisfactory way. Beside the pre-requisites of the programme, you must carry out a home assignment.

The task

The task consists of two parts:
  • Portfolio
  • Motivation Letter


In the portfolio, you are asked to describe one or more projects related to Industrial Design that you have carried out. We want you to submit a portfolio that includes a description of the projects you have completed with any sketches, rendered images and models that are relevant. Also, specify in which context and which year you completed the project and any references in the form of tutors and course coordinators.
Scope: 4-8 pages (Including front-and back page).
Portrait or landscape, A4 format.

Examples of how a portofolio can look like can be found here.

Motivation letter

In the motivation letter write down the reasons explaining why you have applied to the programme and what you expect to learn during the training.
Scope: 1 A4 page.

Assessment criteria

Your submission will be assessed according to the following criteria; "Ability and aptitude for the profession”.

How to send your home assignment

The home assignment must have reached us at latest on 1 March.
You can choose whether you want to email us the home assignment, or if you want to send it by post. If you choose to send by post, please send copies, as we are not able to return the submitted work.
By email: Send us your portfolio and motivation letter in a pdf format to Admissions.Office@ju.se Do you have your work samples on a website, please give us the link to this one.
Please type in the title bar: "Home assignment Industrial Design".
By mail: Send your portfolio and motivation letter to:
Jönköping University
Admissions Office
Box 1026
551 11 Jönköping
Please mark the envelope "Home assignment Industrial Design".

Deadline: The home assignment must reach the Admissions Office at Jönköping University by 1 March for international applicants and 1 May for Swedish applicants.

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