"I have always had the desire to craft something new and unique"

I have always had the desire to craft something new and unique. I chose
Jönköping University for my Master’s because of the campus’s unique
flair. It’s not every day that you meet and work closely with people
from all over the world, but this is quite common at JU.

Studying here has taken my confidence to a whole new level. The teachers treat you as an equal and inspire you to study hard. Another advantage is that we mostly work on projects in close collaboration with companies. These partnerships allow us to work in a real-world office environment and provide us with great tools for our future careers. Through the unveristy’s collaboration with  Science Park we also get a unique chance to develop our ideas for real-world application.

In order to develop new ideas we often play outside the rules. For example, in the course Design Philosophy and Practice we were able to put the technical design perspective aside and focus on the artistic aspects of design. We had to present an art sculpture in a museum to the public and explain the meaning behind it, acting more like an artist than a designer. This exercise definitely helped us nurture our creativity.

The location of the university is perfect for a great student experience. It’s a small city with many international students and a fantastic landscape with an exceptional view of Lake Vättern. People here are always ready to lend a hand and there is nothing more beautiful than a sunny day in Jönköping.

Jose Joshy
Student, Industrial Design
School of Engineering

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Content updated 2017-10-17
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