”I’d like to make a difference.”

Some considered me crazy, giving up an attractive job as a Senior Web Designer in Dar es-Salaam, back home in Tanzania. But to me, studying at JU is part of a bigger plan. I want to be able to contribute to society, and change things for the better.

Grace Sekwao, Tanzania

I loved my job and I am a good developer but I also know that I don’t want to work with this the rest of my life. I’m very interested in innovation and sustainability issues, for example green IT. That’s why I chose to do my master’s in Jönköping.

The programme appealed to me and I was curious about Scandinavia and Sweden. Sweden has an international reputation for being innovative and is known for exciting companies like IKEA and Spotify – so what could possibly go wrong? I love Jönköping and the university as it brings the whole world together and still offers a very quiet and friendly environment.

I live in a dormitory together with three other students from the US, Mexico and Iraq. This experience has given me the opportunity to make new friends from different cultures. The location is excellent with beautiful nature and good logistics – I’ve travelled to Amsterdam, Paris and Spain during my time here. I’ve studied abroad before, in the UK, when doing my bachelor’s in Computer Science. Still, studying in Jönköping is a whole new experience. Here it is not just about ‘getting a degree’. You’re supposed to put your heart and soul into it: to take your own initiatives and meet various challenges.

The teachers are great: very inspiring and accommodating, ready to help you out whenever needed. I think the support system here is excellent. Innovation and entrepreneurship are a big part of my career dreams and now the pieces are falling into place. I have a business idea – and my time at JU has helped me to form a plan to realise it. That said, I’m well aware that plans tend to change all the time…

Grace Sekwao
Student, Information Architecture and Innovation
Jönköping International Business School

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