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In a world that is constantly changing, today's working life faces exciting challenges. Digitalisation and globalisation are creating new ways for us to work and collaborate. In this rapid change, continuous learning is a key aspect to creating equal and inclusive working environments where people thrive and develop. Leadership and strategies need to be adapted to support individuals' career development and lifelong learning.

This programme is designed for you with a bachelor’s degree in education or social sciences with experience from, or interest in, working in areas such as HR, leadership, or career guidance. The programme focuses on social sustainability and the shared responsibility between education and the world of work to create a socially sustainable future. Through collaboration, we can shape a future where all parties contribute to long-term sustainable working environments.

The programme covers topics such as the changing working life, career guidance counselling, learning, innovative leadership, and ethics. We explore how to shape tomorrow's socially sustainable and just working places by examining the conditions, roles and contributions of different actors. You will learn how to design for learning that promotes equity and social sustainability and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of learning and the role the content of learning play in different contexts.

The programme is designed for you who share an interest in developing professionals at all stages of their careers, independent of roles and positions, and in facilitating businesses or organisations’ working methods for promoting a socially sustainable working life. By developing your critical thinking and practical skills, the programme provides you with the tools required to influence policy, implement sustainable strategies, and create long-term change in people’s professional everyday life.

Socially Sustainable Working Life is carried out within the research environment Lifelong Learning, at the School of Education and Communication. It is based on national and international research, relevant to the focus and content of the programme.

All courses in the program are conducted in English. You will study alongside students from all over the world with various academic backgrounds.

Upon completion of the programme, you will have enhanced theoretical and practical
knowledge to take on high-level developmental roles in various contexts in the world of work,
and prepares you for applying for further education on third cycle, i.e., doctoral
programmes. Thus, the programme both prepares for post-graduate studies in various
pedagogical/educational research areas, and for qualified positions in a range of educational

Year 1

Semester 1

Social sciences of sustainability, 5 credits
Social sustainability in working Life, 2.5 credits (specialization)
The meaning of work – meaning-making, identity, and learning, 7.5 credits (specialization)
Meta-critical perspectives on the transformation of working life, 7.5 credits (specialization)
Leading lifelong learning for sustainable workplaces, 7.5 credits

Semester 2

*Research Methods 1 Social Sustainability in Working Life, 7.5 credits (co-reading, common course syllabus)
Individual literature course -systematic literature review, 7.5 credits
Master's Thesis 1 in Education, Social Sustainability in Working Life, 15 credits (for 1-year-students)
Field studies in the world of work, 7.5 credits AND
Master Thesis II in Social Sustainability in Working Life, 30 Credits, Module 1, the first 7.5 credits (for 2-year students)

Year 2

Semester 3

Managing Sustainable Career Development throughout Multi-directional Careers, 7.5 credits
Elective course, 7.5 credits (available on 1 Semester, other Master programmes, SSS environment)
Elective course, 7.5 credits (available on 1 Semester, other Master programmes, SSS environment)
Elective course, 7.5 credits (available on 1 Semester, other Master programmes, SSS environment)


Semester 4

Research Methods II Social Sustainability in Working Life, 7.5 credits (co-reading)
Master’s Thesis II in Social Sustainability in Working Life, Module II, 22.5 credits

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