Elina wants to work as an empowered autonomous employee

I came to JIBS after completing a three year Bachelor’s degree in finance and economics at Lancaster University in England.

I chose to study a masters in strategic entrepreneurship because of JIBS close network of companies that share their experience on starting up new business ventures. It is a beneficial programme for those interested in how the corporate mindset and entrepreneurial orientation of firms leads to growth. The vast number of partner universities worldwide was also a very attractive characteristic.

Many guest lecturers gave valuable insights on what obstacles can be expected when starting up a new business venture, who to contact for support, the time frame that can be expected in different stages of development, and lots of other useful information. This knowledge will be greatly beneficial for me as I wish to work as an empowered autonomous employee in a small startup firm.

Student, Strategic Entrepreneurship
Jönköping International Business School

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Content updated 2017-10-17
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