Muhammad Imran, Student, IT, Management and Innovation

I have a bachelor in computer science from Pakistan, and I came to a stage in my career where I realised I would need a master’s degree to get any further.

Muhammad Imran Assad from Pakistan.

I wanted something that combined informatics with business, and I found it at JIBS. I’m having a great time! The teachers are really committed and deliver more than 100 percent. The courses are up to date with the latest research. JIBS really is international, and it’s such a valuable experience, studying among students from many different countries.

I’m taking a Swedish course on the side because I want to learn the language and more about the culture. It’s interesting, and I plan to find a job in Sweden and stay here for a few years after I finish my degree. Then I will have both an international education and international work experience on my resume!

Being a student here is great. Not only are the courses really good, but there are lots of fun extra curricular activities you can do as well. It’s a good balance. My advice to newcomers is: Get involved! The only way to evolve is to be involved.

Content updated 2017-10-17

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Content updated 2017-10-17
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