Alan is a Lead manufacturing process engineer

After graduating from JU in 2010, I entered General Motors’ Engineering Center as a Design Engineer on the Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning team. Now I work as a Lead Manufacturing Process Engineer.

From the conceptual design to the start of regular production, I help develop and implement casting processes in different GM plants across the world. I am in charge of setting up the process, debugging the equipment, and launching the new products while meeting quality metrics.  JU gave me the knowledge I needed to become technically sound in the foundry industry. Entering an industry that has been doing the same things the same way opens up possibilities to make a positive impact. The two JU courses that really helped me in my career were Advanced Materials Technology, which made me understand the uniqueness of each material and determine what material fits best in each situation, and Modeling and Simulation of Castings, which helped me grasp the design concepts in the science of castings, from software simulation to complex math calculations.

There are no shortcuts to success, just hard work. And remember that the people you encounter throughout your life and your education could become your bosses, your subordinates, your customers, or your suppliers, so always treat them the way you would like to be remembered.

Content updated 2017-10-17

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Content updated 2017-10-17
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