Jérémy knows the different roles within the software development

Jérémy Harrault comes from Toulouse, France, and is now studying the first year of the master programme Software Product Engineering.

"Going to Sweden guaranteed both discovering a new environment, new people, a new school and without having to face a big cultural shock. Even though, according to me, the biggest difference between French and Swedes is the way of thinking and behaving in society, we still share lots of habits and customs. And I also love snow."Jérémy met Jönköping University during the Epitech’s international day and he got a lot of information that day about the university and the life beside it. Thus, when he had to choose which university he wanted to go to, Jönköping obviously appeared as the most familiar to him."Before coming in Jönköping, I did not really know about other activities in the software industry and having got a Bachelor’s degree in programming, my main interest was programming. Then, I learned a lot about the different roles within the software development. I can now say that working as a software architect, dealing with problems, trading off, finding and presenting solutions is my career goal for now. Once I obtain my Master’s degree, I will look for a job in France and preferably in Toulouse. That said, I’m not going to refuse any opportunities that I find interesting and enriching and I could of course go abroad, in Sweden or elsewhere, if I feel like it."

Content updated 2017-10-17

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Content updated 2017-10-17
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