Björn followed his gut feeling

I chose Strategic Entrepreneurship on gut feeling alone. I was set on another programme, and then, one hour before the application deadline, I thought: "No. Entrepreneurship would be more interesting". And I have not regretted it once!

Björn Kaatz, student in Strategic Entrepreneurship.

I like that we get to put theory into practice. We cooperate with companies and try to work out new strategies for them. We have to come up with new things and try out our own business ideas and I’m learning so much from this. For example, I’ve realised that you need a good team. You can’t do this kind of thing alone, it’s very difficult. If you just read the books you will underestimate how hard it is. That’s why the practical aspects of this programme are so great.

The fact that JIBS is so international is really beneficial. I see people’s differences now and I see them as opportunities. It will help me in the future, because you will always have to work with people who have a different way of doing things, and find a good solution.

Jönköping is not a very big city, but it’s sweet. I'm from Berlin and I really wanted to go somewhere smaller, where you’re not so anonymous. Here, you always know someone. It's a good feeling.

Content updated 2017-10-17

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Content updated 2017-10-17
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