Life and Studies in Sweden

Language skills and social competence are the two key factors- in
addition to formal qualifications- for a successful career. The Pathway Programmes are designed to enable you to reach your full academic and social potential while in Sweden.

We will cover study techniques, useful learning tools as well as develop key academic skills such as research, presentation techniques and analysis. We will support you to develop an effective individual learning style in order for you to reach your maximum potential, and enable you to excel in your academic and professional life.

In order to gain familiarity with Swedish culture we will study and explore different aspects of Sweden such as politics, governmental structure, religion and history. The programme includes excursions to explore parts of Jönköping as well as other parts of Sweden- giving you the opportunity to become familiar with your new environment, both socially and culturally.

You will also be introduced to the Swedish language through weekly classes. The course is led by teachers with many years of intercultural experience as well as high academic standards. We will work in small groups with communicative goals. After completing this course, you will have gained basic knowledge about Swedish grammar, vocabulary and everyday phrases. You will be able to understand and make yourself understood in situations occurring in Swedish daily life. This will enable you to better interact with and understand your new surroundings.

Your proficiency in the English language will be enhanced through lectures, group discussions, assignments, excursions as well as individual mentoring sessions. Throughout this course you will be assigned a personal mentor. The mentoring sessions are an integral part of the course and will allow us to monitor and support your progress.

In addition to scheduled classes, students are expected to study and perform independently and in a group setting. Weekly tasks will be assigned and marked to track progress, in order to enable you to become an independent learner and effectively engage with the demands of university study.

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