Which are the English Language Test Exceptions?

If you can document any of the following, you are not required to submit a formal English test.

  • - Applicants with an upper secondary/high school degree where English is the only language of instruction. Evidence must be provided showing the student´s upper secondary tutoring language. NOTE: Upper secondary English instruction in some countries qualifies as equivalent to English 6/English Course B in Sweden. See here for a list of countries and upper secondary English equivalents.
  • - Students with a Bachelor's degree from a university where English is the only language of instruction, in accordance with the recommendations in the edition of the International Handbook of Universities.
  • - Students with 30 higher education (HE) credits from an EU/EEA country or Switzerland where the language of instruction of the course is English. The language of instruction must be clearly stated on official documents.
  • - Students with 30 higher education (HE) credits from Great Britain, Ireland, Malta, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, or English speaking parts of Canada. The language of instruction needs to be English.
  • - Students with a Bachelor's degree (equivalent to a Swedish "Kandidatexamen") in engineering, computer science, computer applications, medicine, pharmacy, science or technology from India or Pakistan.
  • - Turkish students who have studied a 1-year preparatory class in English at a university.
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