Comfortable in speaking English

Peter Khoshba is originally from Jönköping, and decided to study at JIBS because of the international profile.

After graduating from high school, Peter took some time off from his studies to travel and find out what he wanted to do with his life. After that, he applied to JIBS.

“It worried me a little that everything would be in English, but it shouldn't have. I have not had any problems with the study language at all. And it is a great advantage for someone like me, who wants to work abroad in the future. Now I feel really comfortable with studying in English,” says Peter.

Alongside his studies he worked to organize the career fair NextStep.

“That meant I got to meet with representatives of various companies and work with them. It was a great experience, that also helped me to expand my professional network. And working in project form is really good, because you learn to be flexible.”

Content updated 2017-10-17

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