From Kenya to Jönköping and now an office on Oxford Street, London!

In 2010, just a few months after my exam, I applied for a job in London. My studies at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) played a big part in the outcome.

Mitesh Parmar

The job interview was held in the morning and the same afternoon I got a call: the job was mine! Later, I asked the interviewer why I was the lucky one? He told me that my international experience was important as many of their applicants are usually educated within the UK. He also said that they’d found my connections with Sweden interesting. I still work at the same firm, one of the most reputable accounting firms on Oxford Street, and live in London with my wife and kids.

I am the leader of a team of four business accountants working together to give our clients, who mainly work in the entertainment industry, the best service possible. I came to JIBS and Jönköping University with very high expectations and I’m quite sure that my time there has been of great importance. One of the things I did not expect was the high level of involvement. For example, we got to work close with some of Jönköping’s leading firms, with real cases. It wasn’t just a degree – almost everything we did had a real life element.

Another thing that has been extremely valuable to me was the structure of the courses, focusing on projects and teamwork. To me, it was a new way to study. Working in groups brought in multiple perspectives – a clear benefit in solving problems together. I dare say that this experience has helped me a lot in my career, when leading my team on a daily basis.

Why I chose Jönköping? First of all, the programme design was important – and the fact that it was held in English. But in the end, my heart decided. I googled Jönköping, saw the pictures and fell in love with the place. It looked amazing. And yes, it was.

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