Nicole has an international network

I work at Stockholm International Fairs as Sales Manager Congress & Guest Events. I work with incoming requests to the fair and plan the conferences/events from our external organizers.

Nicole Bou Assaf, tell us about yuur time as a student here.

I have many international clients and thanks to JIBS’ focus on internationalization, I feel that it is easier to communicate with foreign clients, and at the same time I have a better perception of the world.

My greatest experience from JIBS is the time I spent on exchange! I love to travel, and to travel while you study is really to combine business with pleasure. I created a wide network of contacts and learned to see things from other perspectives.

The first semester abroad, I decided to go as a “free-mover” because I wanted to study in Lebanon where there was no partner universities. I wanted to go there because my parents are from there. My second exchange semester I spent in Brisbane, Australia, which was the absolute best thing I've ever done in my entire life!

I am a member of JIBS Alumni Association and have been on a couple of get-togethers. I have definitely benefited from the network in my job. It is also a great way to meet old classmates and network with alumni that I’ve not previously been in contact with. JIBS is a great school where the classes are not too big and the programmes are well-structured. Students are also given the opportunity to be active in student organizations and engage in various projects.

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