Quality Education

Sweden is highly ranked when it comes to quality of education. In the most recent U21 ranking of national higher education systems, Sweden ranked #5 in the world.

Country of Innovation

Sweden is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to innovation and entrepeneurship. Sweden tops the European Innovation Scoreboard, and also achieves high rankings in innovation surveys such as the Global Innovation Index. Many inventions and well known companies have originated in Sweden such as Skype, Spotify, the pacemaker, bluetooth, Minecraft and many more. Sweden’s long-term focus on education and research (along with a generous investment in research and development) plays an important role in supporting innovation, and there are many synergies between companies and universities.

Equality and Sustainability

Well known for it's inclusion and equality, Sweden is often cited as being at the forefront in terms of gender equality and LGBTI rights and is also highly culturally diverse and tolerant towards all religions and faiths. Sweden is one of the global sustainability leaders. Sustainability is at the heart of Swedish customs and values.

Clean, safe and close to nature

Sweden is known for being a safe, clean and beautiful country, covered with lakes and forestes. This is a country that is regularly cited as one of the top places to live in the world.

High level of English

In Sweden, everyone speaks English, usually at a high level. The EF English Proficiency Index- the world's largest ranking of English skills- ranks Sweden #4 in the world among non-English speaking countries. As a student you'll find it easy to get around with English.