David Stadlbauer

Once German student David Stadlbauer had overcome the anxiety of living between endless forests, he found a city with a vibrant student culture and a both international and open-minded campus.

David is a student on the Master's Programme in Industrial Design at the School of Engineering. When he heard about the programme he travelled to Jönköping to take a look at the facilities.

"They are, in a nutshell, highly inspiring and very well equipped. Despite not being a huge campus, you can sense a wonderful flair of internationalism and open-mindness at Jönköping University. The staff are also very supportive and flexible."

Jönköping is located in the province of Småland, a region with a greater concentration of successful small and medium-sized companies than anywhere else in Sweden. The School of Engineering has an exceptional network of collaborating companies in the region and these contribute to the courses.

"I enjoy the hands-on approach and close collaboration with many companies located in the very region of Småland."

Småland is, as David describes it, an endless forest. After some time in Jönköping he started to appreciate both the countryside and the city.

"Once you've overcome the anxiety of living between endless forests, Jönköping proves to be a very enjoyable city, which is due to the vibrant student culture. It's also very rewarding to explore the scenic countryside. There are various sites to discover."

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