Hannes Judt

With two contact teachers and one contact student Hannes Judt, Austria, felt he was in good hands when he studied social work as an exchange student in Jönköping.

"Students are in good hands at the School of Health and Welfare I actually had two contact teachers and one contact student and they were all very helpful. No matter what problem I had, they helped me find a solution."

Fachhochschule Voralberg, where Hannes usually studies, is a partner university of the School of Health and Welfare. Hannes knew he wanted to go on an exchange semester in Sweden so the choice was easy to make.

"It was the easiest way for me, but the geographical position of Jönköping also attracted me. The workload has been perfect. Sometimes it was busy, but I also had enough time for travelling in Sweden."

The weather during winter didn´t impress Hannes, but spring turned out to change not only the weather but also the Swedes.

"The people in Sweden are cautious and it takes time for them to become responsive and receptive. But once you get to know them better, they are very polite, friendly and helpful. The weather during the winter was not the best but when spring started it was very beautiful and the Swedes also got more responsive!"

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