Javier Hernández Soto

Javier Hernández Soto studies communication at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City. When deciding where to spend his semester as an exchange student, he was attracted to the international environment at Jönköping University.

"I knew from friends that Sweden offered one of the most attractive chances for studying abroad. I'd also heard that Jönköping University had a great international environment. Plus, they had the subjects I wanted to study."

At the School of Education and Communication, Javier took courses in International Communication, British and American Cultural Studies, Radio Production and Visual Communication.

Jönköping really turned out to be the international environment Javier had been attracted to in the first place. During his six months in Jönköping he made friends from many countries.

"The best experience is to find people that become your family, who share your everyday life, the good times and also the bad times, and who listen to you when you are in love or sad."

He also got the chance to make Swedish friends.

"It's a huge plus that almost everyone speaks English here. I was surprised that a lot of people also speak Spanish and dance salsa!"

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