Precious Ngcobo

Precious Ngcobo wanted to learn about people from a different country as well as explore social welfare from a different angle. She went as an exchange student from the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa to the School of Health and Welfare to study social work and felt right at home.

"Jönköping University is a great university that embraces diversity and it welcomed me with warm and open arms. I can honestly say that in my time at the university I've never felt excluded as a foreign student in any way."

The University offers a wide selection of English modules and in the classroom Precious met both Swedish and international students. 

"There were no language barriers during the course of my study. It's great having diversity in the classroom; we had a lot of different comparisons between our diverse cultures as well as interesting debates."

Although, the Swedes turned out to be a bit hard to get to know. At first Precious thought they only wanted to keep to themselves.

"But once you get to know them well they begin to open up and let you in. I have learnt a lot about the Swedish culture and way of life through the people of Jönköping."

Thinking back on her semester in Jönköping, Precious says that the exchange was one of the best choices she ever made.

"I'm taking back so many good memories, experiences, fun times as well as the knowledge I've learned in my semester studying here which I can easily apply to my work. It's certainly an experience not to be missed. If you want fun and liberating learning - this is the place to be!"

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