Support for Students with Disabilities

Jönköping University welcomes students with disabilities.

Jönköping University facilitate special educational support for students with disabilities. We aim to help students with disability to reach their full potential through compensating as much as possible for their disability. We provide a number of different arrangements in order to compensate for functional limitations in the student´s study situation.



If you are in need of support, please use the following link: Nais and register your request for support.

Please use your student account at Jönköping University or your account to log-in. After logging-in please follow the intructions. When your application has been submitted you will recieve an email confirming your application.

Your application will need an approval of storage of personal data. If you are not content with giving an approval or need help with your application you should contact the Disability Coordinator.

Our disability coordinator will then contact you in order to schedule a meeting. We will then make an agreement regarding suitable support for you. Early request is of major importance not the least when you require assistance in the form of sign language or likewise.

If need for support arises while studying at Jönköping University you are of course very welcome to apply for support at any time.

Who is eligible for special educational support?

You may be eligible for support if you have an enduring physical or psychological problem which limits the way you are able to perform in your study situation. The disability does not need to be permanent, but cannot be of temporary character. You do need to provide Jönköping University with a document (i.e. doctors certificate or similar) confirming your enduring disability.

Content updated 2018-11-16

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