22 oktober - Seminarium

How Do Students Deal with Global Issues in Class? Lydia Wettstädt, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

This is a presentation of an explorative, empirical research project, conducted in Germany, connecting the fields Global Education and Classroom Research. Lessons related to corresponding issues are observed and analyzed with a qualitative-reconstructive approach (“the Documentary Method") in order to find out which role global education plays in lessons, how do the students deal with these issues and which competencies are activated in this context. Insights in the theoretical background, the methodological approach, the material and first results will be pointed out.


Asbrand, Barbara (2008): How adolescents learn about globalization and development. In Douglas Bourn: development Education. Debates and dialoges. Institute of Education, University of London.

Bohnsack, Ralf (2010): Documentary Method and Group Discussions. In Qualitative Analysis and Documentary Method in International Educational Research. Barbara Budrich, Opladen & Farmington Hills.

Available outside Karin Karlssons office at third floor