4 maj - Seminarium

Digital literacy and digital culture — Perspectives on definitions and methods of integration. Éric Guichard, Associate Professor in Information Science, ENSSIB, Lyon. Obs! Kl. 10-12 i Hb135.

The new freedom of expression through web sites, blogs and other social media is often mentioned as the main character of digital culture. One of the core issues of this new freedom is the written culture of internet. How could we define digital literacy today? Who is literate, and capable of teaching reading and writing in this new environment?

From an educational perspective it is crucial to find methods (technical and social) to adapt literacy acquisition to the modern world, in order to form adults who can express themselves digitally and therefor can act upon society.

This reflection on definitions and methods will provide a historical and anthropological perspective, starting out in Alexandria and ending up with the decline of European universities at the 18th century. It is inspired by David Olson's work and will help us understand how today's hidden forces configure the world and its representations, sometimes even preventing us from gaining the knowledge we desire.