27 september - Seminarium Skolnära forskning

Läs- & Skriv: Terry Locke, gästforskare från Nya Zeeland.

Tid och plats

Fredagen den 27 september kl 10.15-12.00 i Ha208. Seminariet är en del av Skolnära forsknings seminarieserie.

Om seminariet

The starting point for this talk is a recent paper on some ethical considerations in relation to participatory action research. It offers a view of participatory action research and draws eight ethical principles from this view. It then uses some of these ethical principles as a kind of discursive lens to review some previous research conducted by the presenter and others: a TLRI project on teaching literature in the multicultural classroom, and two-year project entitled "Teachers as writers: Transforming professional identity and classroom practice".

Questions raised will include: "Who sets the research agenda?" "Whose decisions count in terms of research design?" "What does 'voice' mean in the context of acton research?" The presenter does not claim to have a neat set of answers to these questions and the aim of the presentation is to foster dialogue with audience members.