Tinn walled aluminium castings and mechanical properties.

The project was divided into two different research areas:

  • Part A: Rapid Tool making and casting simulation
  • Part B: Material properties

Jönköping University was manly active in the group of material properties.

Material properties

The work in this part of STALPK was focused on following goals

  • 10% ultimate elongation for the best alloys
  • Possibilities to predict mechanical properties by simulation
  • Increased thermal conductivity
  • Reduction of casting weight, for demonstrators, manufactured at gravity die casting and high pressure die casting by reduction of wall thickness.

An example of result from alloy AC 43100, gradient solidification, gravity die casting and sand casting. Al-10%Si-0.1%Cu-0.47%Fe-0.35%Mg

Sidan uppdaterad 2010-10-28

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