Socio-political Online Social Networks Crossings Before and During the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Forskare JU: Renira Rampazzo Gambarato (Jönköping University)

Finansiär: CNPq/Brazil (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development)

Projekt Period: 2017-2018

Övriga forskare: Carlos Frederico de Brito D’Andrea (coordinator/Federal University of Minas Gerais-UFMG), Joana Ziller (UFMG), Geane Carvalho Alzamora (UFMG), Amanda Chevtchouk Jurno (UFMG), Sônia Pessoa (UFMG), Leonardo José de Lima Melgaço (UFMG), Luciana Andrade Gomes Bicalho (UFMG), Tiago Barcelos Pereira Salgado (UFMG).

Sammanfattning: The aim of this research project is to map and analyze controversies within social media platforms before and during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, in Russia. By studying how political issues related to this mega-sporting event are appropriated by actors in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, we are especially interested in discussing the methodological implications of mapping debates that emerge with these sociotechnical platforms. Among the questions that motivates this research plan, we highlight: how do the debates, mobilizations, and so forth, connect different social media platforms? In which sense can hashtags be seen as an intermedia resource that articulate these platforms? Which are the specificities of mapping controversial issues related to a global event like FIFA World Cup? The theoretical framework mixes the conceptual and methodological perspectives of science and technologies studies and actor-network theory (cartography of controversies, in particular) with media and Internet studies. Articulating these perspectives, we consider that the agencies of actors during a controversy are inseparable from the sociotechnical devices in which the debates and the conflicts take place. methodological procedures of the project is based on data collection, treatment and visualization tools.