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About Primo

In Primo you can search for books, articles, and other publications which the library gives you access to, in printed or electronic form – all in one single search.

The picture shows the share of the library’s resources in the whole of Primo.

Printed books

All printed books at the library are also found in Primo. You can directly see whether the book is on the shelf or if it is already borrowed. You can also reserve books that are already borrowed and renew your loans.


All the library’s e-books are searchable in Primo. You will get a direct link from Primo to the web site from where you can read the e-book.

Articles in English

Most of the articles in English journals that the library subscribes for are found in Primo. The articles are usually available in full text and Primo links directly to the database where the article can be read.

Articles in Swedish

The number of Swedish articles in Primo is yet limited, but increases gradually.

Student theses

Student theses from Jönköping University are found in Primo if they have been registered in the university’s digital repository, DiVA.

Research publications

Dissertations, conference papers, and research reports are extensively found in Primo. Increasingly more of these publications from different universities and organizations from around the world become searchable in Primo.

Search for publications that the library does not have access to

With Primo, you can also search for publications that are not included in the library’s collections. By ticking the option ”Include results without access through the library” you search among hundreds of millions of publications from archives, databases, and other libraries. In many cases, you can order the material as an interlibrary loan or suggest it for purchase.

At first hand, use another database if you are searching for:

  • Articles in a subject field where you can find a specialized subject database and you do not have to search in a database with a much broader content. Use the library’s subject guides or the subject divided database list in order to find such databases.
  • Swedish articles. Preferably use the database Artikelsök.
  • Books that are not available at the library. Instead, use other library catalogs or LIBRIS, the union catalog for Swedish university and research libraries.

Content updated 2017-12-18

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