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Tools for bibliometric analyses

Usually, in order to perform advanced bibliometric analyses, data has to be exported from the database for further treatment on a local level.


Stefan Carlstein
036-10 10 15

The programs below can be downloaded, free of charge. They cover all sorts of things, from management and conversion of data to construction of matrices and visiualization, as well as implementation of statistical functions that can be personally designed.

An indispensable tool for conversion and treatment of bibliographic data. It also contains an abundance of routines for creating different types of bibliometric analyses.

Based on data from Google Scholar, it creates bibliometric analyses of researchers. It calculates the values of several indicators, for example the H index.

Pajek is used for different kinds of network analyses and visualizations. Bibexcel may be well used to format input data to Pajek.

A program to analyze, visualize and cluster (mainly) bibliographic data downloaded from Web of Science.

A programming language and development environment, basically used for statistical calculations and construction of graphs. Freely available and very flexible.

Content updated 2017-08-31

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