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Publication strategy

An important part of your research strategy has to do with choosing suitable journals to publish in and to disseminate your research results. For this you may need knowledge about publishing strategies.


Stefan Carlstein
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Such a strategy may consist of well-considered selections of journals in which to publish, but also of different ways to disseminate your publications after they have been published. In the first case you will identify suitable journals by applying different kinds of information searching and using bibliometric tools (impact factors etc.). In the second case you will consider the different possibilities to make your articles available open access, freely available for anyone, by making them accessible in full text in an open repository, such as DiVA. Thus, they will be spread to a wider audience than only to those that have a subscription for the journals in which the articles are published. 

The University Library can help you with such publication strategies, by doing bibliometric analyses and arrange lectures about bibliometrics, bibliometric tools for journal evaluation, open access and parallel publishing. If you want to have personal guidance or tips you are welcome to contact us.

Content updated 2017-12-18

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