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Questionable publishers

Today's publishing market has grown explosively over the last years and traditional publishers have met increased competion from other types of publishers, such as print-on-demand. During this time open access journals have become more common, and within this market there also exist some publishers which offer more or less questionable venues for publishing.

Example of e-mail invite. Click to enlarge.

Although there exist lists on the Internet which categorizes different publishers, it is usually difficult to know whether you could trust a certain publisher or not. An example of what you as a researcher might encounter is e-mail invites to be published that look too good to be true.

The University Library's services


Stefan Carlstein
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At the library we can help you evaluate how serious a journal or publisher is, and what you should consider before a decision on publishing is taken.

Read about this in the publication strategy guide:

Content updated 2017-10-19

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